Princess love with bag Mulberry 2016 holiday series


I believe we all want to have a can can make it, the scene of the bag at work, entertainment on various occasions now, today small meet everyone’s needs, Kate introduces a very favorite brand bags –Mulberry .


Zhang Kate beauty field according to the town, a beautiful princess is not tired of touching it? Well and collecting everyone envious eyes, today small to give you a princess liked the Amway brand bags –Mulberry.


It is not even British supermodel Cara Delevingne also like to speak not only for its name with the launch of the brand Cara series of bags it! Have to say, this brand of bag is very practical and very suitable for street shooting da! Yes, recently Mulberry also launched the 2016 holiday series yeah we quickly Xiaobian look at the new bar.


Mulberry Kite Tote and Clutch Bags
Kate on Mulberry handbag is very in love with da, just good princess photo package on the lot, and both match different clothes for each one.


Mulberry Kite Tote and Clutch Bags


Mulberry Kite Tote and Clutch Bags
Type bucket tote bag design is also very simple and practical, took to the streets with a lot of things like babes worth a try.


Mulberry Kite Tote and Clutch Bags


Mulberry Willow Tote bags


Mulberry Cara Delevingne Bags



Mulberry Cara Delevingne Bags

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The Mulberry Freya Bag is set to become your next favorite…why, you may ask? Because it’s a functional designer piece, that’s why! Designed with a subtle slouch which adds up to its charm, the Freya bag is more than just a pretty piece. It is a polished take on the classic hobo silhouette, which is a favorite amongst women-on-the-go. If you want to pack-on all of your essentials in one place (while doing it in style, of course), then the Freya is the way to go!

The bag is made with grainy leather which is accented with silver-tone hardware – a classy touch, indeed. It even has a detachable, adjustable shoulder strap which allows you to wear it however you’d want. Carry it with your hands, or wear it on your shoulders with ease!

Measuring 11’ x 11’ x 4.5’ inches (H x W x D), you can get your very own Mulberry Freya Bag for $1,270 USD or €995 EUR viaMyTheresa









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As all designer brands are expanding their assortment, Mulberry cannot lack behind. They have reported to be experiment new handbags, release modern and trendy styles with touch of vintage.

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Ladies meet Mulberry Roxette Bag – if you own a Bayswater, and you love the experience, this bag will definitely suit you. You see, the Roxette is combined with Mulberry’s tradition, with contemporary tastes as a modern and elegant interpretation and the adorned Roxanne Bag.

The Roxette is bigger with plenty of storage; it’s refined with detailed structure like the new padlock keeper, the pretty signature plaque and obvious it features the original belt buckle and rivet detailing in the center.

This bag comes in many leathers, the exotic version are more expensive. The small size in croc leather is measured 18 x 30 x 14 (H x W x D) cm, priced at $1760 USD, €1430 euro via Mulberry boutique.

Mulberry Small Roxette Bag in normal leather 
Size: 18 x 30 x 14 (H x W x D) cm
Price: $1590 USD, €1290 euro

Mulberry Medium Roxette Bag in normal leather
Size: 23 x 34 x 16 (H x W x D) cm
Price: $1760 USD, €1430 euro

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Mulberry Spring Summer 2015 Ad Campaign



Tiny and cute, designed with the classic Mulberry locker. It comes with an interwoven chain link strap, which is both luxurious and ideal for the casual nights. This mini bag will look amazing on your shoulder and the color yellow will help you steal every evenings. Do you know what this is?

It’s the new Mulberry Mini Lily Shoulder Bag, measured 4.5′ x 5′ x 2′ (H x W x D) inches, it can only hold your most important essentials, however because its so cute, you need to take it home.

More colors: Mulberry Mini Lily Shoulder Bag


Talking about backpacks, here’s a brand-new version made by Mulberry for the Spring and Summer seasons. It’s feminine, simple and different; it comes with the classic Mulberry locker and a tag. The handles are strap together with a leather buckle. You will absolutely love this.


Lastly, a brand-new shoulder bag with chain strap. The front flap has an envelop-kind of look and is embellished with a silver hardware locker. The design is simple but stylish, it’s available in exotic leather or in leather and bi-colors.

Which bag do you love?








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Mulberry x Cara Delevingne Own Handbag Line


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Cara Delevigne has been featured numerous times in Mulberry’s ad campaigns, the latest one was captured in a fairy-tale house full of animals. Perhaps Cara always wanted her own handbag line and with the little help of Mulberry’s knowhow; every one of her fashion fantasy can be turned into reality.

The collaboration is not a surprise; we have seen Mulberry cooperating with Alexa Chung and introduced the Alexa Satchel bag. But the popularity has dropped; now Mulberry needs to innovate. And Cara Delevigne’s newest handbag line is exactly what they need.

The bags and the ad campaign blends nicely together, the military prints, studded backpack and the large quilted soft totes are all in bold shades. Cara Delevigne is walking in the forest while carrying her favorite bags, showing how the design melts together with nature because of its natural elements. With smoke coming from behind that turns everything mysterious, Cara herself is wearing a white dress to cope with the background.

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Mulberry Bayswater Shoulder Bag in Midnight Blue And Dotty Cream


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The Mulberry Bayswater totes have been much-loved and iconic for quite some time now. To maintain its impeccable quality and customer-experience, the productions still take place in Somerset, UK. Our previous blog post ‘the making of’… showed how strict the brand is in picking leather, craftsmanship and refinement. They do everything to ensure that you get la crème de la crème.

The new Mulberry Bayswater shoulder bag has stolen the same elegant elements and the charm of the classic Bayswater tote. Though small, it can creates a huge impact when worn crossbody. It fits perfect to your personality, especially when you crave for chic’ness. The detachable strap is extra long, so you can wear it on your shoulder too.

The basic natural brown color wouldn’t bore anyone, but having your dessert in midnight blue and cream dotty leather will make you a much more interesting lady. Crafted with a Mulberry-engraved postman’s lock from its original namesake is enough qualification to show off your friends. Once a time is not exaggerating right?

If you zoom in the details, you will see more things that you will like; the silver nickel components, external slip pocket to store your instant-essentials, with several zip compartments inside and canvas lining can be worn in winter and summer. Just like all timeless bags, the Bayswater shoulder bag is embellished with a hanging fob with a hidden padlock.

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