Hermes Evelyne Sellier Bag Reference Guide


Introducing the Hermes Evelyne Sellier Bag. This new version of the Evelyne bag was first released for the brand’s Fall/Winter 2016 Collection. The Evelyne Sellier is made of Hunter cowhide leather and featured a new embossed H logo, instead of the signature perforated as seen on the original Evelyne. The bag is closed with a small leather flap and a press stud. It comes with an adjustable Wooly shoulder strap and palladium-plated silver hardware. The interior is unlined with a flat pocket, while the exterior also has a flat back pocket. Available in two sizes, 29 and 33.

Style, Price & Size




Hermes Evelyne Sellier 29 Bag €3,200.00 11.4″ L x 11.8″ H x 3.9″ P
Hermes Evelyne Sellier 33 Bag €3,550.00 13″ L x 12.2″ H x 3.1″ P

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Hermès Passant Wallet



Consider this a refresher. Last August I did a post on a then hard-to-find wallet that only recently made its debut at the French luxury house. Many months on, while the Passant Wallet is still pretty rare (but still not as hard to spot as say, a unicorn), you can often catch glimpses of it whenever you step into the boutiques’ hallowed halls. And now that it’s making more appearances in newer colours I’ve never seen myself, I thought it apt to do a quick update.


Offered in 2 sizes (the Passant Compact Wallet and the Passant Long Wallet), it’s basically a wallet within a wallet. Let me explain. For starters, there are 3 parts to the Passant, the actual wallet as well as 2 separate leather pieces contained within, the first, a card case with slots, the second, a zip purse. In other words, you can use the wallet as is with all your cards and cash loaded in, or separate all 3 pieces and use them individually. The only difference between the 2 sizes? One’s shorter at 14.5 cm by 9 cm while the longer one will come in at 20.5 cm by 9.5 cm, which also means the former’s card case comes with 4 slots while the latter has 6 card slots.

Intrigued? It gets better. While I remember they only had the Black and Orange (or Feu) in Epsom leather back then, you’ll now find it in a wider variety of leathers (they’ve added Evercolor calfskin leather) and colours including Bleu Agate and Rouge Grenat, just to name a few. Priced at SGD2600 and SGD3200 respectively, there are 2 ways you could look at the eye-watering 4-figure sum. Yes, it is more expensive than most other designer wallets out there, but if you were to compare those prices to Hermès’ own Azap, Béarn, Constance and Kelly wallets, the Passant is definitely a steal.

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Hermes is not famous for releasing series of new handbags, but when they do release a bag, it’s usually done quite amazing.

Let’s do a bit of rewind; the last handbag that Hermes dropped was the Oxer Top Handle Bag. It was inspired by the Hermes Horse Saddle – basically a nice casual handbag made from Taurillon Clemence or Barenia Calfskin.

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But the Spring Summer 2016 runway showed a new magnificent design, its named the Hermes Cherche Midi Bag and it’s absolutely gorgeous.

We do not have all the details, but we will share what we know. It’s presented in red and it comes with a long adjustable leather shoulder strap. The Cherche Midi Bag was also presented in red crocodile leather, it’s pure feminine.

The most luxurious is the jewelry made on the front flap. It’s partly integrated in the leather, for now we’ve also seen it in golden hardware. This jewelry has a name; it’s actually the Chaine D’Ancre jewelry.

The Hermes Cherche Midi Bag is streamlined and minimalistic, it’s made very simple and that’s good because it can easily matched with the styles in your wardrobe.

More details will be shared later on.


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A sporting life.

The Hermes Berline Bag is no stranger.

Presented in an ad campaign, where the model is walking through thick snow, on a journey, and dressed with a cozy coat while carrying a sporty shoulder bag.

Perhaps this is what makes the Berline bag so famous…

It’s crafted with the iconic ‘Kelly Closure’, the same you get on the Classic Birkin Tote, and the same you get on the Kelly Tote.

We present to you, a special edition, the Hermes Berline Sport Bag.

So what’s the difference between the Hermes Berline Bag and the Hermes Berline Sport Bag, you asked? =)

Well, not much.

Hermes highlighted the rings/the edges with bold colour to make it stand-out. Notice the black lines on the Hermes Berline Sport Bag in brown, it’s delicious and even sportier. And notice the pearly grey lines on the Hermes Berline Sport Bag in Red, it’s like an strawberry ice cream with a bit of vanilla. Yummie!

These accessories are ideal for the upcoming fall and winter seasons, are you prepared? It comes with a removable shoulder strap and a spacious interior. The bag is designed simple, yet marvellous. It’s the bag you will pick for the casual weekends, pair it with jeans and tees.

READ: Hermes Berline Bag

Made from swift calf leather, refined with silver hardware. Measuring 21 x 17 x 6 cm,




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Hermes Birkin 25: Sweet Like Candy


This story like all Hermes stories begins with those magical words “the call came”. I had been to the first Hermes event in our city a few nights earlier, and other ladies in our PurseBop community had given me the hint that sometimes special items were received to mark these occasions. I waited for a pause in the proceedings to ask my SA, and to my astonishment, three Kelly’s were ferried out for my inspection. Although they were all very beautiful, it really was only a tiny Birkin that my heart desired. My SA said that she would do her very best for me and would try and call in some favours to make this happen. So I left the event empty handed and with a backwards glance I watched the other lucky ladies give those three Kelly’s a home.

Only a few days passed before my SA rang and asked if I had time to drop in. She said she had a very special bag to show me, and although it wasn’t exactly to the specifications that she knew I preferred, she was hoping I would fall in love with it. I rushed to the store, and there was an orange box waiting for me that was on the smaller side.


As soon as she gently prised open the lid and brushed back the tissue paper, I was a goner, I knew that this bag had to be mine. Nestled in the dust bag was a tiny Birkin 25 in Rose Sakura Swift leather with Gold Hardware. The pink was so pale it glistened and reminded me of candy, fairy floss and fluffy pink marshmallows all at the same time.


The only aspect of the bag that gave me pause was its leather. More and more Hermes is offering Swift leather, particularly in its Special Order offering for this round. It is a semi soft, semi matte, fine grain leather that takes colour particularly well and is similar in smoothness to Calfbox. However, it is prone to scratching and colour transfer; although, these problems can of course be fixed with a quick trip to the Hermes spa. So the decision I had to make was whether I loved the bag so much that it was worth the bother of having to take a little extra care with it…Of course, I couldn’t resist! Now that I have gotten it home and compared it to my Kelly 25, I have found that it has a little extra room inside which is the icing on the cake for me.


Joining Birkin 25 club is truly sweet!

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Hermes says “it’s TIME!” – the new Hermes “In the Pocket” Watch

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The leather goods company has always proved its ability to produce many diverse, amazing products while sticking to its core values of quality and luxury. From bags to jewelry and even home décor, Hermes steps into the watch game once again. Hermes is releasing a second watch in the “In the Pocket” series.



The origin of the pocket watch in the Hermes line comes with a unique story. In 1912, Jacqueline Hermes was an avid equestrian and received a pocket watch from her father as a gift. However, this was no ordinary pocket watch as it came with leather holder that could be worn on the wrist. This leather strap design allowed Jacqueline to keep time and ride freely without the bother of having to put in her pocket. Aside from functionality, the holder fully protected the pocket watch during bumpy rides.

Hermes returned to this concept in 2012 with the “In the Pocket” watch to give homage to Jacqueline’s original pocket watch. This year’s watch is a new addition to the series with a little more flair.



The new “In the Pocket watch” features a rose gold case and an alligator wrist strap. Inside the case, there is a silver dial and a smaller subdial for seconds. As far as design, the numerals are clear and large, and the Hermes logo is small, but prominently centered in the middle of the dial. The In the Pocket is powered by automatic movement called “H1837” and holds 50-hour power reserve. The strap itself is constructed for durability and consists of layers of calfskin, cow leather, and an alligator exterior.

Photo Courtesy: Forbes
Photo Courtesy: Forbes

Hermes on the watch…Time to Catch up to Chanel?!

The announcement of the new Hermes pocket watch comes right after Chanel’s reveal of The Boy.Friend watch. Competition is always a factor in the fashion world, but why would these two powerhouse brands release new timepieces in such close proximity? There’s no solid answer and it could just be purely coincidental. Perhaps, Hermes wanted to corner more consumers in the watch market as well. Yet, in a broader scope, the new releases really do speak to the times (literally) changing. Although the Hermes and Chanel watches have very different looks, both styles have very androgynous and utilitarian aspects. These two watches aren’t extremely “jewelry” like and act to their function as straightforward time telling devices.

Hermes In the Pocket Watch limited to 184 pieces, and price is upon request (for reference, the first version was limited to 24 pieces & retailed for 27,000 euros in 2013…)


So with the breakdown of the In the Pocket watch, share your thoughts – are you a fan? Do you see yourself picking either the Chanel Boy.Friend or the Hermes In the Pocket as your next watch investment?

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