Gucci unveils pre-fall 2017 campaign
Gucci unveils pre-fall 2017 campaign

Gucci’s pre-fall 2017 campaign spotlights a cast of all-black models. Called ‘Soul Scene’, Glen Luchford captures a party of young people at London’s Mildmay Club for the advertisements. Creative director Alessandro Michele found inspiration in a London exhibition called “Made You Look,”, which spotlighted black masculinity and style. Influence was also found in the 1960’s music movement called Northern Soul. The campaign images capture a lively scene full of dancing and models posing in vibrant looks. The pre-fall collection’s statement bags and fashions stand out complete with reptiles as accessories. Discover more from Gucci’s pre-fall 2017 advertisements below.


Titled Soul Scene, Gucci's pre-fall 2017 campaign features an all-Black cast
Titled ‘Soul Scene’, Gucci’s pre-fall 2017 campaign features an all-Black cast
Models dance in Gucci's Soul Scene pre-fall 2017 campaign
Models dance in Gucci’s ‘Soul Scene’ pre-fall 2017 campaign
Gucci focuses on fur for pre-fall 2017 campaign
Gucci focuses on fur for pre-fall 2017 campaign
Glen Luchford photographs Gucci’s pre-fall 2017 advertising campaign
Glen Luchford photographs Gucci’s pre-fall 2017 advertising campaign
Gucci embraces prints with pre-fall 2017 campaign
Gucci embraces prints with pre-fall 2017 campaign
Alessandro Michele designs embroidered pieces for Gucci’s pre-fall 2017 collection
Alessandro Michele designs embroidered pieces for Gucci’s pre-fall 2017 collection
An image from Gucci's pre-fall 2017 campaign
An image from Gucci’s pre-fall 2017 campaign
The Mildmay Club in London serves as the setting for Gucci's pre-fall 2017 campaign
The Mildmay Club in London serves as the setting for Gucci’s pre-fall 2017 campaign

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They said that superwomen do it much better in high heels and we couldn’t agree more. As if reading our minds and never blurring the fashion line, Saint Laurent has introduced in the Spring Summer 2017 Collection the Eddie 110 Leaf Pumps, which are fashionably fabulous.

First seen on the runway, these Saint Laurent Eddie 110 Leaf Pumps will change your perspective when it comes to pumps. Say goodbye to days of wearing boring pumps, as these might be your next favorite go-to pumps.

Now let’s take a closer look, shall we? This Saint Laurent slingback pump is made from snakeskin and patent leather to achieve a unique approach when it comes to luxury footwear. If you zoom in, you’ll instantly notice that a ruched “leaf” is attached to the adjustable ankle strap, which gives it a more distinct and unique appeal.

The total heel height is 4.3 inches and is priced $995 USD, €795 euro, £685 GBP via Saint Laurent boutiques.










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Parmigiani Fleurier Bugatti Aérolithe Performance

CATEGORIES:Jewelry & Watches

The Bugatti Aérolithe Performance is the newest timepiece made and developed by Swiss luxury watchmaker Parmigiani Fleurier to continue its relationship with the French hypercar-maker. It was back in 2001 when the first meeting between Parmigiani Fleurier and Bugatti took place, and the two brands formally entered into a partnership in 2004. Bugatti gave Parmigiani Fleurier carte blanche to craft some of the most exclusive creations, using sophisticated materials often unseen in the automotive industry and on a scale that fills the car manufacturer with admiration; and the Bugatti collection, inspired by the spirit of the Molsheim-based brand, was born.

The collection began with the Bugatti Type 370, which set the benchmark for the future models. Since then, several timepieces have been introduced as a part of the Bugatti collection along with the Parmigiani Bugatti Aérolithe Chronograph, which was released in 2014 and inspired by the legendary 1935 Bugatti Type 57 Aérolithe. The Fleurier-based watchmaker’s newest timepiece also pays tribute to the same automotive masterpiece; but is a more refined, super-exclusive watch you would expect to come out of the partnership between the two high-end brands. This model focuses on the rich and textured dial created by techniques only achievable through use of laser technology.

Even by Bugatti standards, the 1935 Type 57 Aerolithe was no ordinary car. Built a few years before the infamous type 57SC Atlantics, the story of the Bugatti Aérolithe is an almost legend. Jean Bugatti built the Bugatti Aérolithe, hidden from his father Ettore, by creating it from a highly flammable magnesium alloy called ‘Elektron’ that made welding impossible. The body was designed in two parts joined by an ingenious riveted dorsal seam. The Aérolithe made a sensational debut at the 1935 Earl’s Court Motor Show in the U.K. and had one road test in 1936. But soon after, the incredible car disappeared from the surface of the earth. The car was never seen again; it was most likely destroyed.

When creating the Bugatti Aérolithe Performance, Parmigiani Fleurier was inspired by the legendary prototype’s beauty and mystery. Instead of the extremely flammable magnesium alloy used in the car, the 41mm case of the watch is made entirely from titanium, using laser technology to apply finishes beyond the capability of conventional machining. The dial has a diamond-shaped, textured pattern in which the ends of the diamonds are polished in order to create a richer, textured look. Parmigiani Fleurier says that it is impossible to achieve it without the use of said laser technology. Even the exterior of the dial is ‘selectively laser sand blasted’ to add to the aesthetic appeal of the timepiece.

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Celine is one particular brand name that instantly pops in our heads whenever we think of fashion-forward yet feminine bags. It has been in the business for quite a while and it’s obvious that it’s proven its name when it comes to leather goodies. For the Spring Summer 2017 Bag Collection, Celine once again showed that it’s one of the leading go-to bag experts in the world.




Come take a look at these minimalist bags that it introduced for its Spring Summer 2017 Bag Collection, which honestly looks very promising. These monochromatic Celine handbags are the perfect ones to bring anywhere you go.

Simple, elegant and well-curated, this bag comes in different colors you can choose from, as well as different leathers. And either way, these bags can match any outfit from your wardrobe.

This bag has been heavily promoted and it’s presented in the center of the next collection – it’s all about this minimalistic boxy bag. So be prepared, perhaps it could be the next iconic.

What do you think?




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Oscar de la Renta Leopard Jacquard A-Line Coat, Printed Sleeveless Dress with Scarf, Wide Asymmetric Waist Belt and Intertwined Statement EarringsEmbrace rich jewel tones this resort season – Oscar de la Renta Leopard Jacquard A-Line Coat, Printed Sleeveless Dress with Scarf, Wide Asymmetric Waist Belt and Intertwined Statement Earrings

Oscar de la Renta’s name is synonymous with womanly elegance. And with the brand’s resort 2017 collection, there’s no shortage of ladylike designs. Neiman Marcus spotlights the new season with a lookbook featuring seven sophisticated ensembles. Get ready to own the room with a selection of floral dresses, jacquard jackets and denim embroidery. And that’s not all. De la Renta also offers timeless jewelry for the perfect finishing touch. Floral motifs as well as tasseled accents bring these outfits to the next level.


Oscar de la Renta Sleeveless Column Gown w/ Contrast Sash, Bold Flower Drop Earrings and Bold Flower RingAn elegant gown perfect for evening events – Oscar de la Renta Sleeveless Column Gown w/ Contrast Sash, Bold Flower Drop Earrings and Bold Flower RingOscar de la Renta Floral-Embroidered Jacquard Jacket, Floral-Embroidered Sleeveless Cocktail Dress, Tropical Bloom Crystal Drop Earrings and Tiered Crystal Toggle BraceletTake florals to the next level – Oscar de la Renta Floral-Embroidered Jacquard Jacket, Floral-Embroidered Sleeveless Cocktail Dress, Tropical Bloom Crystal Drop Earrings and Tiered Crystal Toggle BraceletOscar de la Renta Floral-Embroidered Sleeveless Cocktail Dress and Dahlia Resin Drop EarringsAn embroidered silk and tulle dress–beyond gorgeous – Oscar de la Renta Floral-Embroidered Sleeveless Cocktail Dress and Dahlia Resin Drop EarringsOscar de la Renta Floral V-Neck Sleeveless Dress, Tropical Bloom Crystal Drop Earrings and Tiered Crystal RingA feminine silhouette for the day time – Oscar de la Renta Floral V-Neck Sleeveless Dress, Tropical Bloom Crystal Drop Earrings and Tiered Crystal RingOscar de la Renta Threadwork-Embroidered Denim Dress, Ombre Beaded Tassel Clip-on Earrings and Modern Baguette Statement RingDenim gets threadwork embroidery – Oscar de la Renta Threadwork-Embroidered Denim Dress, Ombre Beaded Tassel Clip-on Earrings and Modern Baguette Statement RingOscar de la Renta Sleeveless Floral Fit & Flare Midi Dress and Impatiens Flower Drop EarringsGet ready to be pretty in pink – Oscar de la Renta Sleeveless Floral Fit & Flare Midi Dress and Impatiens Flower Drop Earrings

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Behold, the Men’s Givenchy Pandora


The iconic Givenchy bag is now available also for men.givenchy-mens-pandora-4

Perhaps, it could be considered that the Pandora put Givenchy on the world map. So it’s only natural that while the ladies enjoyed the Pandora bag slung across their bodies, us boys joined in too.


The original pandora sports a top handle that fits well enough in the arms, and comes with a sling that you can hang on your body. Top handle can convenienetly fall back giving the bag a bit simpler appearance.  Its box shape and supple leather leaves the bag softening into a diamond shaped sling that people have lusted over through the years.


I never got the Pandora bug. Mainly because of its slouchiness. My personal bag preferences keep me from the allure. The Pandora is an undeniably Givenchy piece though, and I wouldn’t be surprised to continue seeing it in circulation. So if the boys have a men’s Nightingale, wouldn’t it be nice to have a men’s Pandora too?


The bag is similar in every single way to the original Pandora, only slightly bigger. There is a more masculine and shorter top handle. There’s less hardware because of the boyish top handles, but retains all the corner zippers in the bag. The D rings and sling clasps are sharper and more geometric. And the grained leather is just as supple.


The men’s Pandora is a testament to Givenchy’s undoubtedly well honed edit skills. So with the lines blurred, I’m sure all genders can enjoy the latest Pandora piece from Givenchy. Hopefully this becomes a permanent in their catalogue!


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